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Photo Restoration Services

Message from Natalie:

Last summer [2019] in the Philippines, my cousins presented me with a collection of old family photos. I came across this particular photo of my late mother in her early twenties. She was beautiful but I could not say the same about the condition of the photograph. Although the photos were kept safe, it did not stop them from fading and deteriorating. My love of photography and enjoyment of post-production led me to explore photo restoration, starting with my mother's photo (see first image "Erlinda" below).

I love when people take the time to share stories behind each photo and why it would mean so much to them to be restored. Although it is a tedious job, the historical background provides more insight into the subject. Preserving our photographic history is important. If you or anyone you know have damaged photos that need to be restored, please feel free to contact me. An initial assessment of photos will be required before I commit to any restoration work. 

Prices start at $30. Here are some samples of past restoration work:

William & Joyce 1964 Wedding
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